Live Happy-Love Life Women’s Conference & Network!

The LIVE HAPPY – LOVE LIFE Women's Conference & Network was created for women and girls ages 17 & up, as the nation’s premiere platform for encouraging leadership, empowerment, networking and educational experiences, designed to inspire, empower and excite us to positively transform our lives.  It is known , that to have positive people in your life, you must be positive and happy about your yourself and love your life as it is now. 

We want to inspire women and girls to be grateful for what you have and empower you to surround yourself with positive, powerful, and successful women, so that you, can create and attract positive people, events and outcomes in your life.

be the voice you want to hear - make a positive impact in a girls life!

I am committed to living the best life I can live!

I am committed to giving the best of me I can give! 

you are the STAR of your story,

you are your own BEST Friend,

think POSITIVE thoughts & CREATE your BEST life!